Intermediate Quantum Mechanics

, and . Lecture Notes and Supplements in Physics Benjamin Cummings Publishing Company, Inc., Menlo Park, Third edition, (1986)


This is an advanced quantum mechanics textbook for physicists covering the general areas of atomic structure, semi-classical radiation theory, atomic collisions and relativistic quantum theory. The problems are very challenging. Topics include: miscellaneous results from elementary quantum mechanics; identical particles and symmetry; two-electron atoms; the self-consistent field; statistical models; addition of angular momenta; theory of multiplets; electrostatic interaction; spin-orbit interaction and interactions with external fields; molecules; semi-classical theory of radiation; intensity of radiation; selection rules; photo-electric effect; elastic scattering at high energies; elastic scattering at low energies; further corrections to elastic scattering formulae; elastic scattering of spin 1/2 particles; inelastic scattering at high energies; inelastic scattering at low energies; semi-classical treatment of inelastic scattering; classical limit of quantum mechanical scattering --- summary; Klein-Gordon equation; Dirac equation; formal theory; solutions of the Dirac equation.

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