Requirements Tracing to Support Change in Dynamically Adaptive Systems

, and . Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality, page 59 -- 73. Amsterdam, (2009)


Context and motivation All systems are susceptible to the need for change, with the desire to operate in changeable environments driving the need\newline for software adaptation. A Dynamically Adaptive System (DAS) adjusts its behaviour autonomously at runtime in order to accommodate\newline changes in its operating environment, which are anticipated in the system’s requirements specification. Question/Problem In this paper, we argue that Dynamic Adaptive Systems’ requirements specifications are more susceptible to change than those\newline of traditional static systems. We propose an extension to i* strategic rationale models to aid in changing a DAS. Principal Ideas/Results By selecting some of the types of tracing proposed for the most complex systems and supporting them for DAS modelling, it\newline becomes possible to handle change to a DAS’ requirements efficiently, whilst still allowing artefacts to be stored in a Requirements\newline Management tool to mitigate additional complexity. Contribution The paper identifies different classes of change that a DAS’ requirements may be subjected to, and illustrates with a case\newline study how additional tracing information can support the making of each class of change.

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