An RDF Metadata-Based Weighted Semantic Pagerank Algorithm

. International Journal of Web & Semantic Technology (IJWesT) 7 (2): 11-24 (April 2016)


PageRank evaluates the importance of Web pages with link relations. However, there is no direct method of evaluating the meaning of links in a hyperlink-based Web structure. This feature may cause problems in that pages containing many in-links are highly ranked without considering the meaning of the link relations among the pages. We therefore propose a novel ranking approach to directly analyze the meaning of links by transforming a hyperlink-based Web structure into a semantic-link-based Web structure. We extract semantic metadata from Web pages and construct a semantic-link-based Web structure using RDF model. We define a metric to evaluate the weight of the links for stratifying rank values based on their importance in the semantic-link-based Web structure. We implement the weighted semantic ranking algorithm in the MapReduce framework to consider large-scale semantic metadata. The results of our experiment show that our approach outperforms existing PageRank algorithms.

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