Cryptographic Approach Using Audio for Data Security

. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication 3 (2): 825--827 (February 2015)


Abstract - Secret Sharing is a cryptography algorithm. This technique divides secret data into multiple parts, giving each participant its own unique part. To reconstruct secret some or all parts of secret are needed. In order to reconstruct secret, if condition is that all participant is mandatory it becomes impractical due to any reason. Therefore threshold based scheme is used where any k of the participant is sufficient to reconstruct the original secret. The proposed secret sharing scheme use audio data to create shares of secret data. As audio data is large in size, to provide protection using encryption technique it becomes time consuming. So this audio data is used as cover data and divided into shares then shares are distributed among different participants. This is based on audio shares in which audio file is used cover data. If an eavesdropper gets one share and trying to play individual share in a media player, he or she will only hear as original sound like cover sound. But when k shares out of n shares are mixed together the original secret is reconstructed

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