Ontologies, Dialogue and Knowledge Maturing: Towards a Mashup and Design Study

A. Ravenscroft, S. Braun, J. Cook, A. Schmidt, J. Bimrose, A. Brown, and C. Bradley. 1st International Workshop on Learning in Enterprise 2.0 and Beyond , volume 383 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings, (2008)


This paper proposes an initial design study to examine and test some of the key concepts and issues within a large-scale European research project that is exploring and aiming to realise learning as a process of knowledge maturing in the workplace. It will outline some of these concepts, based on a contemporary (or Web 2.0 driven) articulation of how ontologies can be acquired, externalised and exploited by a user-community and introduce a new role for learning dialogue - through developing work into „dialogue games‟. An initial scenario, or „thought experiment‟, is proposed that is grounded on currently available ontology development (SOBOLEO) and learning dialogue (InterLoc) web-technologies and how these could be integrated, or „mashed up‟, to improve the management, understanding and application of labour market information in the context of careers advice. Finally, we also consider the potential role of m-learning techniques and the implications about context that these give rise to.

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