Realization of an Open Framework for Shared Workspaces and its Application for a Community Portal

, , , and . Proceedings of the 15th Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association and the 7th Joint Conference of Ergonomics Society of Korea / Japan Ergonomics Society (Seoul 2003), page 1–4. Seoul, The Ergonomics Society of Korea, (2003)


ÜseWorld.Net\" is a web-based portal for the community of man-machine-interfaces. To support the cooperative tasks of the members, a shared workspace was included. This shared workspace was based on an open framework, called \"SWOF\" that provides the basic features and can be customized to dif-ferent cooperation case. Based on this customization even an adaptation of SWOF to mobile devices was implemented. High usability is an important aspect of the implementation. To achieve these aims SWOF focuses on an information space with more task-suited item-types that can help to pre-structure the information and increase the users’ informational and structural awareness. In this article the con-cept is described and the results of a first evaluation are presented.

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