Review On Preserving Privacy Identity Of Shared Data In Cloud

, and . International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication 3 (3): 954--957 (March 2015)


Cloud computing contains groups of remote servers and software networks that involve in allowing storage of data and accessing of online computer resources. Cloud contains data storage to the huge amount of data. Cloud user should be concerned with the correctness and protection of data. When user outsources remote data from storage of data as a cloud, There are Several auditing mechanism to verify the Integrity of Data. Public auditing mechanism enables the user to verify integrity of data with the help of Third Party Auditor (TPA). Public auditing mechanism start auditing task by not downloading whole file. This helps in Preserving privacy of Data. Public auditing will won’t reveal identity of any user. In the paper contains various privacy preserving public auditing mechanism. It also shows comparative study among them.

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