A Flexible Tool for Web Service Selection in Service Oriented Architecture

. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(IJACSA) (2011)


Web Services are emerging technologies that enable application to application communication and reuse of services over Web. Semantic Web improves the quality of existing tasks, including Web services discovery, invocation, composition, monitoring, and recovery through describing Web services capabilities and content in a computer interpretable language. To provide most of the requested Web services, a Web service matchmaker is usually required. Web service matchmaking is the process of finding an appropriate provider for a requester through a middle agent. To provide the right service for the right user request, Quality of service (QoS)-based Web service selection is widely used. Employing QoS in Web service selection helps to satisfy user requirements through discovering the best service(s) in terms of the required QoS. Inspired by the mode of the Internet Web search engine, like Yahoo, Google, in this paper we provide a QoS-based service selection algorithm that is able to identify the best candidate semantic Web service(s) given the description of the requested service(s) and QoS criteria of user requirements. In addition, our proposed approach proposes a ranking method for those services. We also show how we employ data warehousing techniques to model the service selection problem. The proposed algorithm integrates traditional match making mechanism with data warehousing techniques. This integration of methodologies enables us to employ the historical preference of the user to provide better selection in future searches. The main result of the paper is a generic framework that is implemented to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed algorithm for QoS-based Web application. Our presented experimental results show that the algorithm indeed performs well and increases the system reliability.

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