An Experiment with Sparse Field and Localized Region Based Active Contour Interactive Segmentation Techniques on Specific Images

A. Deshpande, P. Dahikar, and P. Agrawal. International Journal of Image Processing (IJIP) 12 (1): 1-11 (April 2018)


This paper discusses various experiments conducted on different types of Level Sets interactive segmentation techniques using Matlab software, on select images. The objective is to assess the effectiveness on specific natural images, which have complex image composition in terms of intensity, colour mix, indistinct object boundary, low contrast, etc. Besides visual assessment, measures such as Jaccard Index, Dice Coefficient and Hausdorrf Distance have been computed to assess the accuracy of these techniques, between segmented and ground truth images. This paper particularly discusses Sparse Field Matrix and Localized Region Based Active Contours, both based on Level Sets. These techniques were not found to be effective where object boundary is not very distinct and/or has low contrast with background. Also, the techniques were ineffective on such images where foreground object stretches up to the image boundary.

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