Bond Graph Modeling, Implantation and Performance Analysis of Dual-Axis Solar Tracking System

. Advances in Engineering: an International Journal (ADEIJ) 1 (2): 51-62 (September 2017)


The paper presents the modeling, simulation and hardware implementation of solar tracking system using bond graph approach. In this work, the design and development of high-efficiency dual-axis solar tracking system using a new algorithmic technique to accurately track the maximum power point (MPP) of a PV array using bond graph control that is based on programmable logic controllers (PLC). The performance of the solar tracker was analyzed and compared with the static solar panel and the result showed that the solar tracker is better than the static solar panel in terms of voltage, current and power. As a result of the experiment, the power generated by the proposed tracking system has an overall increase of about 51.2% more than the static solar panel in sunny days and about 53% under partially shaded conditions.

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