Fly My Little Dragon: Using AR to Learn Geometry

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Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Games (CoG '22), page 528-531. Beijing, China, IEEE, (2022)


We present the gamified AR learning environment ARES. During the gameplay, learners guide the little dragon called “Ares” through dungeons. Using AR, ARES three-dimensionally integrates the dungeons in the real-world. Each dungeon represents a coordinate system with obstacles that ultimately create mathematical exercises, e.g. rotating a door to let the dragon fly through it. Overcoming such a challenge requires a learner to spatially analyze the exercise and apply the fundamental mathematical principles. ARES displays a debriefing screen at the end of a dungeon to further support the learning process. In a preliminary qualitative user study, pre-service and in-service teachers saw great potential in ARES for providing further practical and motivating exercises to deepen the knowledge in the classroom and at home.



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