How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Project Managers
M. Munir, and M. Xuli.
International Journal of Emerging Science and Engineering (IJESE) 5 (12): 1-6 (January 2019)

In this research work, it has been analysed that how artificial intelligence can help the project managers to manage the work. AI research is basically defined as the research that is done on different intelligence agents. It is a device that helps in perceiving the environment and helps in taking such actions that increases the chance to attain the goals. The artificial intelligence is now used within different fields. One of its finest applications is in the field of project management. Project Management AI is basically a system that can administer different projects without many resources. It does not require more input or cost. Through using the power of artificial intelligence, the tasks can be done automatically. AI also helps in making decisions associated with the projects and it helps in identifying the skills and capabilities of team members involved within a project. Project Management AI helps in fostering a safer environment. It also helps in delivering untiring vigilance and objectivity. Moreover, Project Management AI is used for the development of an eco-system for managing the knowledge. Artificial intelligence provides assistance to project managers in many ways. It provides number of tools such as Chatbots, Stratejos, ZiveBox, Rescoper, ClickUp, Clarizen and PolyOne. All of these tools prove to be helpful for the project managers to handle different tasks like through providing assistance to managers to make up the team and to assign the projects to particular team members. These tools also provide assistance to project managers to manage the deadlines in an effective way. The use of Artificial intelligence provides number of benefits to the project managers. The very important benefit is the support, as the pressure and burden over the project manager gets decremented by making the use of machines. Moreover, use of AI also provides more accurate results to the project managers. The tasks that are done using AI tend to be free of errors and mistakes. Along with it, the AI also provides project managers with the insights and strategies. For instance, it alerts the project managers to take some additional or alternative steps for handling the complicated projects. AI does not only assist the project managers to handle the tasks, but it also increases the productivity of project managers at individual level. AI helps the project managers to eliminate information bias. It increases the productivity of project managers by making them more creative and to have more emotional intelligence.
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