Identifying and Analyzing Researchers on Twitter

, and . Proceedings of the 2014 ACM Conference on Web Science, page 23--30. New York, NY, USA, ACM, (2014)


For millions of users Twitter is an important communication platform, a social network, and a system for resource sharing. Likewise, scientists use Twitter to connect with other researchers, announce calls for papers, or share their thoughts. Filtering tweets, discovering other researchers, or finding relevant information on a topic of interest, however, is difficult since no directory of researchers on Twitter exists. In this paper we present an approach to identify Twitter accounts of researchers and demonstrate its utility for the discipline of computer science. Based on a seed set of computer science conferences we collect relevant Twitter users which we can partially map to ground-truth data. The mapping is leveraged to learn a model for classifying the remaining. To gain first insights into how researchers use Twitter, we empirically analyze the identified users and compare their age, popularity, influence, and social network.

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