Big Data Management by Fuzzy, Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm
A. Tiwari, G. Ramakrishna, L. Sharma, und S. Kashyap.
International Journal of Inventive Engineering and Sciences (IJIES) 4 (5): 27-28 (März 2017)

This paper manages the academic data by the dynamic techniques. The data may have the infinite information. This infinite information transforms into the finite information by the dynamic algorithm. This dynamic algorithm consists fuzzy logic, neural and genetic algorithm. Thus the result lies the data analysis from Data Mining to Dynamic Data Mining. New techniques are introduced here for redefining the database and its analysis. The database Student’s Academic Performances is selected for the generalization of the proposed method. It is all is studied over Fuzzy, Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm. Index Terms: Data Mining (DM), Dynamic Data Mining (DDM), Database (DB), Student’s Academic Performance (SAP), Neural Network (NN), Genetic Algorithm (GA)
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