FLT4 receptor tyrosine kinase contains seven immunoglobulin-like loops and is expressed in multiple human tissues and cell lines
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Cancer Res. 52 (20): 5738-5743 (1992)

The fms-like tyrosine kinase 4 (FLT4) complementary DNA was cloned from a human HEL erythroleukemia cell library by polymerase chain reaction-amplification. We previously reported a partial sequence of FLT4 and showed that the FLT4 gene maps to chromosomal region 5q33-qter (O. Aprelikova, K. Pajusola, J. Partanen, E. Armstrong, R. Alitalo, S. Bailey, J. McMahon, J. Wasmuth, K. Huebner, and K. Alitalo, Cancer Res., 52: 746-748, 1992). Here we present the full-length sequence of the predicted FLT4 protein. The extracellular domain of FLT4 consists of 7 immunoglobulin-like loops, including 12 potential glycosylation sites. On the basis of structural similarities FLT4 and the previously known FLT1 and kinase insert domain-containing receptor tyrosine kinase/fetal liver kinase 1 (KDR/FLK1) receptors constitute a subfamily of class III tyrosine kinases. FLT4 was expressed as 5.8- and 4.5-kilobase mRNAs which were found to differ in their 3' sequences and to be differentially expressed in the
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