Big-Data Helps SDN to Improve Application Specific Quality of Service
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Big Data and Software Defined Networks, IET, (2018)

This chapter first provides an outline of the current results in the domains of: (a) quality-of-service (QoS) / quality-of-experience (QoE) control and management (CaM) for real-time multimedia services that is supported by software-defined networking (SDN), and (b) big data analytics and methods that are used for QoS/QoE CaM. Then, three specific use case scenarios with respect to video streaming services are presented, so as to illustrate the expected benefits of incorporating big data analytics into SDN-based CaM for the purposes of improving or optimizing QoS/QoE. In the end, we describe our vision and a high-level view of an SDN-based architecture for QoS/QoE CaM that is enriched with big data analytics' functional blocks and summarize corresponding challenges.
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