Analysis of Response Variables in ECM of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite (Al, SiC) using DoE and GRA Method
S. Kumar, B. Mitra, und S. Dhanabalan.
International Journal of Emerging Science and Engineering (IJESE) 5 (10): 1-8 (Oktober 2018)

Al-SiC is one of the widely accepted MMC having specific properties like wear and impact resistance. This composite shows difficulty while machining with modern machining processes due to various reasons such as higher surface roughness, tool wear rate and machining cost. In recent years, the need for light weight MMCs products are becoming more valuable in aerospace, electronics, nuclear power plants and defence industries because of their specific properties. The machining of MMCs is a big concern and still an area of research. In this experimental work, ECM has been selected for machining of Al-SiC composite to get better product quality & satisfactory machining characteristics. The voltage, feed rate and electrolyte concentration were selected as process constraints to conduct experimental trials. The SR, radial over cut and MRR were considered as output responses. The experimental outcomes were optimized by multi-parametric optimization using DoE and Grey relational analysis method. The optimized parameters by multi-parametric optimization showed the considerable improvement in the process.
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