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Where are the Datasets? A case study on the German Academic Web Archive

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Proceedings of the Web Archiving and Digital Libraries Workshop at JCDL 2022, (2022)


The German Academic Web (GAW) is a longitudinal archive of websites from German academic institutions, mainly universities. It can support answering research questions about academia in Germany. Recent discussions about reproducible research have brought the availability and sharing of research data into focus. Collecting, linking, and providing metadata about research data is thus an important task for infrastructure facilities. In this work, we examine how existing datasets are linked and referenced on German academic web pages using the GAW archive. For that, we use the social sciences and economics datasets registered at da|ra as our case study. The results show that academic web pages as presented in GAW are not a good foundation to answer dataset-related questions. But from the few results found, it was obvious that da|ra datasets are usually mentioned using their DOIs and not their URLs.



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