Hospital Fire Safety Management: Review on Planning and Safety Measures
D. Mankar.
International Journal of Emerging Science and Engineering (IJESE) 6 (3): 1-4 (März 2019)

Safety management is a very important aspect of planning in every form of infrastructure. Safety management as a whole include aspects of not only fire safety, but also security measures in terms of safety from other unsafe encounters like thefts, pilferages, extortion, riots, natural calamities, etc. Safety measures should be so designed to ensure safety of all services renderers, service recipients, infrastructure (property, other fixed assets), etc. However lets focus on one major aspect of safety management & i.e. Fire safety. Fire can cause irreparable losses, particularly to any hospital. Hospitals are infrastructures with a high density of life in terms of patients, doctors, staff, etc. Therefore utmost care needs to be taken and precautions followed to imbibe good safety measures & practices amongst planners, employees & healthcare workers in any hospital. The hospital as an infrastructure has many heat dissipating equipments, combustible gasses /fuel, chemicals, a lot of electrical wiring, etc. that stand as prone to hazardous incidents, if proper precautions not taken while planning the infrastructure. Adequate measures need to be considered, designed and practiced to ensure safety to all. Indicators like architectural designs, interior designs, electrical wiring, appropriate equipment planning and proper waste management are considered while planning such safety measures.
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