Influence of Heat Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Bronze
S. N, A. S., and S. N..
International Journal of Emerging Science and Engineering (IJESE) ISSN: 2319–6378, Volume-5 Issue-7, July 201 5 (7): 16-19 (July 2018)

Copper is one of the first metals ever extracted and used by humans. As a result, copper was important to early humans and continues to be a material of choice for a variety of domestic, industrial, and high technology applications today. Bronze is one of the alloys of copper. Bronzes are used mainly in highly corrosive environments due to their corrosion resistant behavior. Aluminum bronze is a type of bronze in which Aluminum is the main alloying metal added to copper. A variety of Aluminum bronzes of differing compositions have found industrial use, with most ranging from 5% to 11% Aluminum by weight, the remaining mass being copper; other alloying agents such as iron, nickel, manganese, and silicon are also sometimes added to Aluminum bronzes. Aluminum bronzes give a mix of chemo-mechanical properties superseding many other alloy series. These make them to be most preferred particularly for demanding applications. “Aluminum bronzes are most valued for their high strength and corrosion resistance in a wide range of aggressive media”. In the present investigation the aluminum bronze is furnace heat treated for 5000C, 6000C, 7000C and 8000C for time period for 1hr. Different experiments were conduction and found that Tensile strength for different heat treated Aluminum Bronze metal are 5000C, 6000C, 7000C, and 8000C has high tensile strength when compared to Base metal. The heat treated aluminum bronze of 7000C has more tensile strength compared to all other heat treated and base metal. The compression strength gradually decreases from base metal to the 5000C, 6000C, 7000C, and 8000C with increasing temperature. The Brinell hardness increases for heat treated bronze compared to base metal. Aluminum bronze heat treated for 5000C has more hardness compared to all other conditions. Impact energy for different heat treated Aluminum Bronze are decreases as heat treating temperature increases and increases for still increase in temperature. The heat treated aluminum bronze of 7000C has more impact energy.
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