Process Parameter Optimization using DOE Methodology on Al- MMC to Maximize Mechanical Properties
A. Singla, S. Shandilya, P. Gera, und A. Gupta.
International Journal of Emerging Science and Engineering (IJESE) 5 (2): 4-7 (Januar 2018)

Metal matrix composites (MMCs) have proved their practicability as good replacements to orthodox alloys in industries like automobile, aerospace and mineral processing but the fabrication of these composites should be well regulated and optimized to have a superlative effect. The intention of this research is to optimize the stir casting process parameters to maximize mechanical properties like hardness. The matrix material used is Al7075-B4C which is optimized by DOE methodology and a mathematical model is developed. In this investigation L9 orthogonal arrays has been used through Taguchi method. The microstructures analysis of Al-B4C composite were detected by optical microscope and the hardness value is attained. The Al-MMC was fabricated by stir casting technique & the factors used in the making of composite samples were melt temperature, stirring and B4C content. The ANOVA was done to find the percent contribution of process parameters and their correlations. The effort revealed the best optimized stirring duration, melt temperature and B4C content. The B4C was found to be most imperative factor responsible for the hardness increment
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