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The Internet or World Wide Web has become prominent platform for business and commerce and is witnessing user growth with increased penetration of mobile Internet. Huge traffic is being generated, some of it being legitimate and the rest being malicious. Hence the implementation and maintenance of Information Security programs is been done .In the age of the Internet, protecting our information has become just as important as protecting our property. Malware authors have found and exploited new zero-day vulnerabilities resulting in damage to end-user system. Ransomware, a malware that has taken malware attacks to a new level by locking files of the affected user and demand Bitcoin payment to unlock those files. On the other hand the Volume and frequency of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have increased. Many unpatched machines without the knowledge of its owners have become a part of Botnets which carry out DDoS attacks. This paper focuses on strategies to be adopted to protect individual hosts from malware attacks and other types of intrusions using Deception, White-Listing and Reputation Services.
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