Feasibility Analysis of Power Crisis in Remote Area using HOMER in Pahadgaon and Senha
S. Rajwade, und A. Varghese.
International Journal of Emerging Science and Engineering (IJESE) 6 (4): 15-17 (Juni 2019)

The paper optimise the hybrid energy system using HOMER PRO by giving the energy production cost analysis .This paper optimize the hybrid renewable energy system considering the metrological data at village of Korba. The proposed energy system including solar(pv model)and hydro sources and the other system is of PV module. Thus the model consist of first PV panels, power converter and battery for storage and the second model consist of PV panels, HYDRO and battery for storage and power convertor. The data considering for homer at KORBA village( Pahandgaw (in Pali) and Senha is taken from (NASA) national aeronautics and space administrator and the hydro flow rate is taken from the Madwa plant and Darri plant of Korba.
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