Analysis of Some Physico-Chemical Parameters of Various Bottled Drinking Water Available in Kokrajhar Town, Assam, India
M. Kausor, B. Nath, T. Ahmed, и H. Brahma.
International Journal of Emerging Science and Engineering (IJESE) 5 (9): 1-5 (сентября 2018)

Water in a plastic bottle was not a regular item on many consumers’ shopping lists in few years ago. Now a days, thousands and millions of litres of packaged drinking water in bottles are sold everyday all over the globe. Considering various kinds of health issues, the quality of these bottled drinking water, therefore, should be monitored regularly. In this paper, we have tested some water quality parameters like pH, Electrical conductivity (EC), Total Dissolved solids (TDS), Alkalinity, Salinity, Ca-Hardness (CH), Total Hardness (TH), Sodium (Na+ ), Potassium (K+ ), Sulphate (SO4 2 ) and Nitrate (NO3 - ) of fifteen different brands bottled drinking water available in the market of Kokrajhar Town, Assam, India. The target of this research work is to and to analyze these parameters in the water bottles sold commonly in the market and to check wheather the water quality parameters meets the prescribed BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) and World Health Organisation (WHO) standards or not, so that we can make people of our society conscious about drinking such packaged drinking water. The result reveals that all the parameters used for analysis come within the permissible limit of BIS and WHO standards and are safe for drinking purpose.
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