A General Methodology for Studying the Hydrodynamic Stability of Flows in Enclosures
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Coupling of Fluids, Structures and Waves in Aeronautics, Volume 85 von https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783540402220, Seite 38–55. Berlin, Springer, (2003)

We present a general methodology for studying the hydrodynamic stability of flows enclosed in cavities of complex geometry. To this aim, different tools consisting of time integration of the unsteady equations, steady state solving, computation of the most unstable eigenmodes of the Jacobian and its adjoint have been developed . The methodology is applied to the classical differentially heated cavity, where the steady solution branch is followed for very large values of the Rayleigh number and most unstable eigenmodes are computed at selected Rayleigh values. Its effectiveness for complex geometries is illustrated on a configuration consisting of a cavity with internal heated partitions. We finally propose to reduce the Navier-Stokes equations to a low order differential system by expanding the unsteady solution as the sum of the steady state solution and of a linear combination of the leading eigenmodes. The principle of the method, which requires computing the eigenmodes of the adjoint of the jacobian, is exposed and preliminary results are presented.
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