Simplified synthetic routes for low cost and high photovoltaic performance n-type organic semiconductor acceptors
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Nature Communications 10 (1): 519 (2019)

The application of polymer solar cells (PSCs) with n-type organic semiconductor as acceptor requires further improving powder conversion efficiency, increasing stability and decreasing cost of the related materials and devices. Here we report a simplified synthetic route for 4,4,9,9-tetrahexyl-4,9-dihydro-s-indaceno 1,2-b:5,6-b’ dithiophene by using the catalyst of amberlyst15. Based on this synthetic route and methoxy substitution, two low cost acceptors with less synthetic steps, simple post-treatment and high yield were synthesized. In addition, the methoxy substitution improves both yield and efficiency. The high efficiency of 13.46% was obtained for the devices with MO-IDIC-2F (3,9-bis(2-methylene-5 or 6-fluoro-(3-(1,1-dicyanomethylene)-indanone)-4,4,9,9-tetrahexyl-5,10-dimethoxyl-4,9-dihydro-s-indaceno1,2-b:5,6-b’ dithiophene) as acceptor. Based on the cost analysis, the PSCs based on MO-IDIC-2F possess the great advantages of low cost and high photovoltaic performance in comparison with those PSCs reported in literatures. Therefore, MO-IDIC-2F will be a promising low cost acceptor for commercial application of PSCs.
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