Supporting Peat Fire Management using Social Media

M. Kibanov, I. Amin, and J. Lee. Computational Social Science Winter Symposium 2015, Poster, (2015)


Peat fires and haze originating from such fires cause a large spectrum of ecological, social and economical problems as well as health issues. Indonesia is a country where peat fires are prevalent and the population suffers from the ensuing haze problems. Two Indonesian islands (Sumatra and Kalimantan) are most affected by peat fires. In this abstract, considering the fact that the usage of social media in Indonesia is high (with 72 million accounts in social networks), it is expected that insights generated from social media can help central and local authorities to improve peat fire management. In particular, we focus on peat fires in the year 2014 in Riau Province, which is one of the most haze-affected areas on Sumatra Island.

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