Complex Event Processing in AJAX-Applications with Rule Engines

R. Stühmer. Universität Karlsruhe (TH), Diploma Thesis, (July 2008)


State of the art event-driven Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) rely on technologies like the Comet architecture or polling strategies like RSS feeds to provide a basic infrastructure for transporting events to the Web client. However, such RIAs provide no means for further processing of these events. This gap will be closed by the approach proposed in this thesis. The approach combines complex event processing and rule execution with an ontology-based object model directly on the Web client. A framework is proposed, built on declarative rules for achieving reactive and adaptive RIAs. The work consists of a novel event-condition-action rule language tailored to the needs of RIAs as well as a client-side rule engine capable of detecting complex events and executing rules.

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