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my publications

Interviewers’ influence on bias in reported income. Berlin, Year 2014.
Ein-Euro-Jobber aus Sicht der Betriebe: Viele sind fit für den Arbeitsmarkt. IAB-Kurzbericht 5/2010: Nürnberg, Year 2010.
Education as a Lifelong Process. Year 2013.
Management of Metadata: An Integrated Approach to Structured Documentation. 627--647, Year 2016.
Provide, Enrich and Make Accessible. Potsdam, Year 2013.
String Coding in a Generic Framework. 709--729, Year 2016.
Introducing NEPS data. Bielefeld, Year 2011.
Data Dissemination, Documentation, and User Support. 597--607, Year 2016.
Metadata (not DDI) use case: LIfBi. Dagstuhl, Year 2014.
Applied Large-Scale Data Edition. 649--667, Year 2016.
Structured Metadata. Reykjavik, Year 2015.
Putting data in the driver’s seat. Lisbon, Year 2017.

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