Bibliography import

BibSonomy allows you to import bookmarks and publications from other programs. The internationally standardized data format that is supported by all major bibliographic management programs is called BibTeX. The import takes place in two steps. First, you have to export the publications from your previous reference management software, then you have to import the BibTeX data into BibSonomy.

BibTeX export from your previous reference management software

You can perform a BibTeX export from your previous reference management software. Please refer to the instructions for Citavi and Bibliographix.

Advice: Please note that apart from the different programs there are also different program versions, so there may be two or more ways to export data in one program. Therefore you should try all the options if necessary.

BibTeX import from the clipboard

Have you exported data from your previous bibliographic management program in BibTeX format? and copied to the clipboard? Then you can import them into BibSonomy. Follow this guide.

Precondition: First, export your list of references (publications/bookmarks) from your previous reference management program to the clipboard. You can find instructions for this on this unter the caption BibTeX export from my previous reference management software on this page.