In the inbox, all entries are stored that were sent to you by your friends.


Send entries

To send a bookmark or a publication to another BibSonomy user (for example xyz), you can use the system tag send:xyz. The entry will then be tagged with from:<YourUserName> and sent to the user xyz's inbox. To avoid spam in the inbox, the receiving user has to

  • either have added you as a friend
  • or be a member in a group where you are a member, too.

After the entry has been sent successfully, it will be tagged with sent:xyz.


Receive and use entries

In the inbox, you can see all entries sent to you by your friends. Use copy this publication/bookmark to your repository to save the entry into your collection.


With remove this publication/bookmark from your inbox, you can remove the entry from your inbox. By clicking on the clear inbox button, you can delete all entries in your inbox.