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Integration with Websites


An interesting tool from Christian Schenk is the Confluence plugin. The plugin allows you to show a tag list/cloud and the most recent BibTeX posts on any page in Confluence.


This BibSonomy addon for Google Docs allows you to cite directly from BibSonomy in Google Docs. Follow these instructions to learn how to do so.


With the BibSonomy Scholar Plugin for Chrome, you can connect BibSonomy and GoogleScholar. It is then possible to manage publications directly in the GoogleScholar web interface. The extension can be added at the Chrome Web Store. More information on the GoogleScholar extension can be found in the BibSonomy blog.


Moodle is a popular platform for E-Learning. BibSonomy can enhance course descriptions and E-Learning projects by offering literature, e.g. in form of RSS feeds. A module description as well as instructions for course administrators and users can be found on the Moodle help page and here.