Scrapers in BibSonomy

A scraper is a useful function in BibSonomy that helps you saving publications from external websites to BibSonomy.

Usage: On an external literature catalogue (e.g. ACM Digital Library), you find a publication that you want to copy to your collection in BibSonomy. The easiest way is by using the BibSonomy browser extensions. Click on the BibSonomy symbol in the browser and choose "Save publication to BibSonomy".


You will automatically be redirected to BibSonomy and the scraper extracts all relevant information about this publication and displays it in the input fields. You can make changes if you want to and finally save the publication by clicking on "save".


An overview on all supported external websites where information can automatically be extracted by scrapers can be found here.
You can also use the scraping service to extract bibliographical metadata from a website by entering a URL.

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