By using the TeXlipseBibSonomyExtension you can import the publications from your BibSonomy account directly in TeXlipse and make use of them.

For installation use the Eclipse Update mechanism with the update site https://texlipse.bibsonomy.org/. Please note, that older versions of the extension are also available from the TeXlipse update site, newer versions only from the bibsonomy.org update site. Alternatively copy the file below in your eclipse dropins folder.

Please note: You need the TeXlipse plugin in version 1.5 or above to use the TeXlipseBibSonomyExtension.



Use the preference page to adjust your BibSonomy username and API key. Additionally enable or disable the plugin.
No account yet? Get one for free at BibSonomy.


Cite Function

Import publication entries from the BibSonomy server into the .bib file of your LaTeX project.
There are:

  • entries existent in the .bib file only (yellow)
  • entries existent on the server only (red)
  • entries in the .bib file and on the server (blue)


Use Tags

Filter the entries-to-fetch with one or more tag(s).



This function enables the synchronization of the .bib file with the server (not completely working until now).


Current release


Older releases


Known issues

  • Sometimes the .bib file and autocomplete container lose sync. In that case re-import the file with the \bibliography command.

  • The synchronization between server and file is only temporary and will be replaced in future releases.

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