Zotero is an extension for Firefox and helps you to collect, manage and cite publications. We support exporting citation information from BibSonomy to Zotero as well as importing entries from the Zotero library to BibSonomy.

When Zotero recognizes literature publication items on a web page, an icon is added in the Firefox address bar. A user can click on the icon and Zotero saves the reference information in one of the user's libraries. Also on BibSonomy pages that contain BibTeX entries, the icon is shown for Zotero users.

Export from BibSonomy to Zotero

When you want to add a publication from a BibSonomy page (like the homepage or your userpage) to your Zotero library, click on the black arrow next to the Zotero symbol and then on "Save to Zotero using unAPI". By clicking on this icon, a window pops up which allows you to select the entries you want to export. Click OK and the selected references will appear in your Zotero library.



Import from Zotero to BibSonomy

Unfortunately, this process is not fully automized yet for Zotero has to be configured for BibSonomy first. Open the Zotero settings. To do so, click on the "Z" symbol in Firefox on the upper right hand side, then, Zotero will be opened in a window at the bottom of the browser. There, click on the gear symbol and finally on "Preferences". A window pops up. Choose the menu item "Export". Click on the '+' button below the "Site-Specific Settings" area to add a new setting. In the popup window, enter bibsonomy.org and select BibTeX as output format. Confirm by clicking on OK.



Now you can log in to BibSonomy and in the left main menu, click on "add post" and then on "post publication". Choose the tab "BibTeX/EndNote snippet". On the following page, you can drag and drop an entry from your Zotero library directly into the field "Select" (click on the Zotero entry, keep the left mouse button pressed, move the mouse cursor into the field and then, release the left mouse button). By clicking on "post", the data from the Zotero entry will be extracted and automatically put into the respective fields.