Scalable Link Discovery for Modern Data-Driven Applications

. Proceedings of the The 15th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2016) 2016, Doctoral Consortium Track, Kobe, Japan, 17. October - 21. October 2016, (2016)


The constant growth of volume and velocity of knowledge bases on the Linked Data Web has led to an increasing need for scalable linking techniques between resources. Modern data-driven applications often have to integrate large amounts of data relaying on fast but accurate Link Discovery solutions. Hence, they often operate under time or space constraints. Additionally, most Link Discovery frameworks rely on complex link specifications to determine candidates for links, in which the scalability of execution is of significant importance. The main focus of our work is the implementation of time efficient and scalable data linking approaches by the utilizing Semantic Web technologies. In this work, we address these Link Discovery challenges by presenting a novel approach for time constraint linking, efficient computation and scalable execution of link specifications with applications towards periodically updated KBs.

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