Studying the Impact of HAS QoE Factors on the Standardized QoE Model P.1203

, , and . 3rd Workshop on QoE-based Analysis and Management of Data Communication Networks (Internet-QoE), Vienna, Austria, (July 2018)


P.1203 is a recent standardized model for assessing the Quality of Experience (QoE) of HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming (HAS). However, its complex definition does not allow for a straightforward identification of the underlying assumptions. To overcome this issue, this work investigates the impact of the well-known QoE factors of HAS, namely, initial delay, stalling, and adaptation, on the output QoE score of the model. Therefore, parameter studies are conducted using a reference implementation of P.1203, and the model response to variations of the input QoE factors are compared to results of previous QoE studies in order to get a deeper understanding of the standardized model and its inherent weighting of the QoE factors of HAS.

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