MyQommute — An App as Sustainable Mobility Concept

, and . 2018 IEEE International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE/ITMC), page 1-9. (June 2018)


Commuting is a big problem in many communities with significantly increasing traffic volume in peak hours and overloading limited infrastructure. Employers and employees suffer from loss of time, stress resulting from being caught in traffic and emissions. Distributing traffic more evenly - commuting at off-peak hours, using different modes of transportation and taking routes less crowded - could go a long way towards improving the situation. Yet this proves difficult to achieve: commuters lack information about the alternatives available to them and too few employers offer flexible working hours. myQommute seeks to tackle both problems: making information about alternatives available to employees and supporting employers to offer the level of flexibility most suitable to the needs of employees and employers. As a result, emissions are reduced, employees arrive less stressed at work and are more productive and employers can attract key personnel more easily.

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