Subwavelength optical spatial solitons and three-dimensional localization in disordered ferroelectrics: towards metamaterials of nonlinear origin

, , and . Phys. Rev. A 84 (4): 043809 (February 2011)ArXiv e-prints 1102.4945.


We predict the existence of a class of multidimensional light localizations in out-of-equilibrium ferroelectric crystals. In two dimensions, the nondiffracting beams form at an arbitrary low-power level and propagate even when their width is well below the optical wavelength. In three dimensions, a subwavelength light bullet is found. The effects emerge when compositionally disordered crystals are brought to their metastable glassy state, and leading to the suppression of evanescent waves, they can have a profound impact on super-resolved imaging and ultradense optical storage, resembling metamaterials in many ways.

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