Context Management for Self-adaptive User Interfaces in the Project MyUI

, , and . Ambient Assisted Living, volume 6 of Advanced Technologies and Societal Change, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, (2012)


Good Human-Computer-Interfaces are necessary for an uncomplicated and reasonable use of software and devices, but depend heavily on the special capabilities of the user. Because it is nearly impossible for a “universal” design to fit to the very broad set of different persons, the appearance and behavior should be customized to the individual user. Current approaches are trying to give users the ability to customize the user interface by providing them detailed configuration abilities, which consumes a lot of time and is hard especially for older people. Also difficulties arise for older people and people with certain limitations, because their capabilities change with aging or with advancing deceases. This makes a row of subsequent adjustments to the Human-Computer-Interface necessary. The MyUI project funded by the EU tries to develop a framework to overcome this problems by using adaptive interfaces.

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