Project maturity in organisations

, and . International Journal of Project Management 21 (6): 457 - 461 (2003)Selected papers from the Fifth Biennial Conference of the International Research Network for Organizing by Projects. Held in Renesse, Seeland, The Netherlands, 28-31 May 2002..


The paper presents research on project maturity in organisations. The purpose is to develop an understanding of what project maturity is and to investigate the level of project maturity in organisations today. The hypothesis is that project maturity develops through a maturity ladder where the ladder steps are proposed to be project management, program management, and portfolio management. Maturity itself is measured along three dimensions. They are knowledge (capability to carry out different tasks), attitudes (willingness to carry them out), and actions (actually doing them). The different dimensions of maturity are further divided into sub-concepts, which should provide a good understanding of the project maturity of an organisation. A questionnaire is developed based on this understanding of project maturity, and an initial survey has been conducted. The survey gives some support to the ladder construct, and shows that attitudes and knowledge are stronger than the actions taken. Further work on the questionnaire and surveys are proposed.


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