Ontology-Centred Design of an Ambient Middleware for Assisted Living: The Case of SOPRANO

, , and . Towards Ambient Intelligence: Methods for Cooperating Ensembles in Ubiquitous Environments (AIM-CU), 30th Annual German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI 2007), Osnabrück, September 10, 2007, (2007)


The aim of the EU-funded project SOPRANO is to assist older Europeans to lead a more independent life in their familiar environment by means of a next generation smart home with ambient intelligence. The core of the system in each house will be the SOPRANO Ambient Middleware (SAM), which receives the user commands and sensor inputs, enriches them semantically and triggers appropriate reactions via actuators in the house. In this paper, we present a novel approach of an ontology-centred design in order to create SAM as a reliable, deterministic and economically scalable component. Thus, the starting point is the development of a context ontology focussing on the concept of a state. This OWL-Lite ontology is then used as a central reference document during the design process as well as during runtime to abstract from concrete sensor inputs and actuator outputs.

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