Syntax extension for Monads in Ocaml Jacques Carette, Lydia E. van Dijk and Oleg Kiselyov This Camlp4 extension provides some syntactic sugar to beautify monadic expressions. Example: A simple but realistic example of the use of a list monad looks like this bind [1; 2; 3] (fun a -> bind [3; 4; 5] (fun b -> return (a + b))) where we assume the appropriate definitions of the functions "bind" and "return". With the help of "pa_monad" this can be written as perform a <-- [1; 2; 3]; b <-- [3; 4; 5]; return (a + b) which is much clearer and thus easier to understand and maintain. By the way, the expression evaluates to [4; 5; 6; 5; 6; 7; 6; 7; 8] the sum of each pair of values of the input list

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