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    The Distributome Project is an open-source, open content-development project for exploring, discovering, learning and computational utilization of diverse probability distributions. Probability distributions are a special class of functions defined in terms of integrals of positive density functions. Distribution functions are very useful in representation, modeling and interpretation of various observable processes and natural phenomena. Probability densities are a non-negative functions that integrate to one over the real numbers. A probability density function can be seen as a smooth version of a frequency histogram. The interactive Distributome graphical user interface provides the following core functions: * visually traverse the space of all well-defined (named) distributions; * explore the relations between different distributions; * distribution search by keyword, property and type; * obtain qualitative (e.g., analytic form of density function) and quantitative (e.g., critical and probability values) information about each distribution; * discover references and additional distribution resources. This project was initiated in 2008 by the UAH Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics, the UCLA Statistics Online Computational Resource and the OSU Mathematical Biosciences Institute
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