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A Collaborative Programming Environment for Web Interoperability

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Proceedings of the First Workshop on Semantic Wikis -- From Wiki To Semantics, ESWC2006, (Juni 2006)


We describe a new type of collaborative system that exhibits much of the simple, cooperative nature of a wiki, but allows dynamic sharing of functionality as well as of content. In contrast with traditional wikis, pages in this system are executable, and interoperate with each other by passing and returning data structures of known type, such as messages, URLs, or locations. This collaborative programming environment is well suited to retrieving and combining content available on the Web. Since code within pages can access any type of Web content, the environment provides a collaborative way to convert diverse, unstructured information into semantically annotated content that can be combined into new and useful services. We discuss how these ideas have been applied in WubHub, a prototype Web portal with a command-line interface.



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