Digital Music Therapy System Design for the Mild Cognitive Impaired Elderly

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International Journal of Emerging Science and Engineering (IJESE), 5 (10): 9-11 (Oktober 2018)


Aging is not an avoidable phenomenon and supporting the elderly is becoming important. Korea is facing the aging society seriously. There are worldwide growing interests in dementia and mild cognitive impairment (MCI). A research team was composed with neurologists, ergonomists, designers, music therapists and conducted a project to develop digital music therapy system for the elderly with MCI. Design research was carried out and design preference and lifestyle of the Korean elderly was identified. Intellectual property right was investigated and image positioning was implemented. In-depth interview and infinity diagram led to building a hypothetical persona. Various design concepts were achieved for the set top box and music instruments. Critical dimension of the keyboard, key size, was determined using anthropometry. Usability engineering lifecycle design process was employed to produce user interface design. A prototype was finally produced after conducting user test. In this study, the design process of music therapy system development was mainly introduced.



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