Cluster Computing Environment for On - line Static Security Assessment of large Power Systems

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ACEEE International Journal of Electrical and Power Engineering, 4 (2): 8 (August 2013)


The increased size of modern power systems demand faster and accurate means for the security assessment, so that the decisions for reliable and secure operation planning could be drawn in a systematic manner. Large computational overhead is the major impediment in preventing the power system security assessment (PSSA) from on-line use. To mitigate this problem, this paper proposes, a cluster computing based architecture for power system static security assessment, utilizing the tools in the open source domain. A variant of the master/slave pattern is used for deploying the cluster of workstations (COW), which act as the computational engine for the on-line PSSA. The security assessment is performed utilizing the developed composite security index that can accurately differentiate the secure and non-secure cases and has been defined as a function of bus voltage and line flow limit violations. Due to the inherent parallel structure of security assessment algorithm and to exploit the potential of distributed computing, domain decomposition is employed for parallelizing the sequential algorithm. Extensive experimentations were carried out on IEEE 57 bus and IEEE 145-bus 50 machine standard test systems for demonstrating the validity of the proposed architecture.



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