Detection of SYBIL Attack using Neighbour Nodes in Static WSN

, and . International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication 3 (4): 2428--2432 (April 2015)


As wireless sensor network is an emerging technology nowadays, it is prone to many attacks like denial of service, wormhole, clone, Sybil etc. Sybil attack is a harmful attack which affects the sensor network in routing the information. It is a malicious device that it takes multiple fake identities. This malicious device make the sensor node into Sybil node and get the information from other sensor node and send the different information to receiver or it keep the information with itself and delay the information to reach the receiver. To detect the Sybil node, we proposed a TIME-TO- TIME MESSAGE (TTM) model to detect the Sybil attack in wireless sensor network. In this method, each and every node in the sensor network will maintain an observation table for storing node id and location which is useful to detect the Sybil attack. The approach is simulated in a sensor network and the result shows a very good detection rate comparing with other existing algorithms.

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