Evaluating research portfolios, a method and a case1

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(September 2017)


Evaluating whether a portfolio of funded research projects (of a research council), or a portfolio of research papers (the output of a university) is relevant for science and for society required two-dimensional mapping of the project portfolio: (i) projecting the portfolio on a science map showing how the portfolio fits into and possibly shapes the research fronts, and (ii) projecting the portfolio on a map of societal challenges, showing where the portfolio links to societal problem solving or innovation. This requires evaluating in two different ‘languages’: a technical language relating projects to the research front, and a societal language relating the projects to societal challenges. In this paper, we demonstrate a method for doing so, using the SMS-platform. The advantage is that the method is much less dependent on subjective classifications by single experts or a small group of experts, and that it is rather user-friendly.



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