Pattern-Based Task Management as Means of Organizational Knowledge Maturing

U. Riss. International Journal of Knowledge-Based Organizations 1 (1): 20--41 (March 2011)


The article presents the principles of pattern-based task management (PBTM) that aims at the integration of task and knowledge management. It takes into account that knowledge does not only become manifest in artifacts but also in actions. The approach supports knowledge workers in the execution of their tasks by offering guiding task patterns without restricting the freedom of execution. These task patterns are collaboratively managed and allow the sharing work experience in a way that makes this experience applicable to new tasks. The collaborative character of task patterns requires the motivation of knowledge workers to participate in the process. This can only be achieved by offering a variety of benefits and an easy handling of contribution. Under these conditions the PBTM establishes an organizational knowledge maturing process that overcomes various barriers in today‟s organizational knowledge management.

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